Exhibition of Artists in Residence Pasang Air #2

24 May 2016 - 31 May 2016

Aliansyah Caniago, Brydee Rood, Faysal Mroueh


Brydee Rood, Body of Water, 2016, multi channel video installation, natural indigo dyed cloth with DIY cassava paste batik, trestles banana flowers, wooden pegs, variable dimensions

Aliansyah Caniago

Aliansyah Caniago’s art project is a response to the pace of development that influences the reduction of space, especially in the south of Yogyakarta. During his residency at Cemeti Art House, he made various observations and simple research projects using his body and senses to perceive the dynamics and character of the community. Through discussions with several people that he met during his explorations, Aliansyah attempted to re-examine the history of the creation of Yogyakarta city, and to find the traces of what has been crushed by it. He later drew an analogy of the missing mole. In one of his works, Aliansyah collaborated with Doni Maulistya to walk a straight line from west to east. This intervened on the symbols of power in the form of an imaginary line that crosses from the South Sea to Mount Merapi. Through this action, he intended to build dialogue between the space and its inhabitants about the direction of the civilisation they are building today.

Aliansyah Caniago (born in Jakarta, 1987) graduated from the Institute of Technology Bandung, Faculty of Fine Art and Design, at the Painting Department. He lives and works in Bandung.

Brydee Rood

Brydee Rood has been developing new projects for her residency at Cemeti Art House; including site-specific performance, video, and sound work. Her work, titled ‘Bodies of Water’ situated at Sendang Kasihan, delves into the ritual act of bathing in the spring and steeping new dialogues in relation to the interconnected survival and wellbeing of water sources. This experimentation seeks to bring about new choreographed movements in Rood’s work, interactive experimental sound making and ritual process through a physical exchange with water.

Art as a ceremonial and festive occurrence combines with the seasonal Monsoon rains and the Sendang, to actively share process and heighten our awareness of and connection with water; incorporating sacred history in localised Yogyakarta, wider Javanese animism with blended water Gods and change-making mythologies (Buaya, Makara, Taniwha, Ganesha, Water Blessings) flanked by our present human timed interaction. Rood’s project reflects the potential of inventing new belief systems through art, performance and collective action. By floating critical questions relating to current geopolitical perceptions of water, climate change, power, water wars, pollution and the economy of water, Rood seeks to remember water as an essential life force and not as a commodity or resource to be profited from, or exploited within a global capitalist framework.

Brydee Rood (born in Takapuna, New Zealand, 1978) gained a Masters degree at the Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand in 2007.

Faysal Mroueh

As a culmination of the residency period at Cemeti Art House, Faysal Mroueh presents an installation that provides a starting point into an intertwined dual narrative. The first strand follows an online chat group who role-play an escapism fantasy of inhabiting a colony on the volcanic and inhospitable Jovian moon Io that they claim to have reached via a disembodied virtual form. In this role-play several themes arise around the implications of human migration to Space. The participants offer fragments which oscillate between an end to perpetuating terrestrial conflicts and other, more pessimistic views. The second strand follows an official who appropriates crocodilian symbolism in charge of a proposed prison island complex of unprecedented scale and intricacy. Formally the work is housed in a crude and theatrical structure, which is a sculptural response to the themes of the narratives, the nature of viewing the work and the southern region of Yogyakarta.

Faysal Mroueh (born in Nicosia, Cyprus, 1987) obtained his BA degree from the University of Westminster in London, England, and recently completed the post-graduate residency program at De Ateliers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Pasang Air #2 is a residency program organised by Cemeti Art House and supported by Mondriaan Fund, The Netherlands and the Asia New Zealand Foundation. Pasang Air #2 residency program take place for three months from March to May 2016 at Cemeti Art House.